Jeff Greenhouse

Experienced Marketing & Analytics Executive


Blending Data, Creativity and Technology to Drive Results


For two decades I have been helping brands, both big and small, to engage their audiences and achieve their goals. I have built new brands from the ground up, and helped established brands transform themselves.

Marketing Strategy

Every day your competitive landscape changes and you have to chart a new course to success. The right strategy balances short- and long-term goals with an honest assessment of your own brand.

Branding & Messaging

Every element of your brand should align to tell a story that matters to your audience. Every interaction should reinforce your value.

Creative Direction

Knowing where you want to go and actually getting there are two different things. You need the spark of an inspired idea, and the agile coordination to see it through to reality.

A/B Testing & Optimization

The art of marketing now goes hand-in-hand with the science of optimization. The companies that are winning are the ones developing intelligent experiments and executing them with scientific rigor.


Knowledge is power. That old adage has never been more true than it is today, when the key to success (and in many cases, survival) is a company’s ability to gather data and turn that data into insights. I help companies unlock the power in their data, through the entire analytics lifecycle:

1. Collect:

What data can and should be capture? What format should it be captured in to make it as useful as possible? What other sources of data (both first-party and third-party) may be available?

2. Validate:

Is the data complete? Is it accurate? Does it appear to agree with other data sources in the business? All too often, people see that “there’s data there” and assume it is complete and correct.

3. Connect:

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is treating each dataset as an island. Connecting and integrating multiple data sources opens to door to new insights and capabilities that can power massive growth.

4. Analyze:

This is where you take the leap from data to knowledge. Thoughtful analysis uncovers hidden relationships and untapped opportunities.

5. Socialize:

Data only reaches its true potential when you make it available across the enterprise, in formats (reports, visualizations, tools) that are intuitive and efficient to the end-users.

6. Act:

Identify how the insights can be applied to the business, and develop data products to support those actions.
Adobe Analytics (Omniture)
Google Analytics

Digital Product Development

Creating great digital products, whether for internal or external use, is a complex and delicate process. I have been designing and developing innovative digital products for nearly 20 years. I bring expertise in all of the key stages necessary for a successful digital product, including:

Requirements Gathering

Interfacing with diverse stakeholder groups to turn their needs, constraints and concerns into concrete, well-documented specifications.

Information Architecture

Mapping out the data structures and relationships to support current requirements and pave the way for future growth.


Identifying the optimal features, interface elements and behaviors to make the product intuitive and user-friendly.

Project Coordination

Juggling both dedicated and shared resources to maximize efficiency. Maintaining team alignment and adapting to changes and user feedback to stay on time and on budget.


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